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Coin Master

Today I stumbled upon a game in my mobile that was downloaded through some promotional ads. Coin Master, a game I recognize through the discussions in different forums. As I started playing the game, it engaged me till I reach up to a certain level and run out of spins.

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While I am eagerly waiting for my spin meter to recharge further, I did some researches and thought that I should share the outcomes that came from the study. There may be more gamers who are in my position and require to know how to get unlimited spins in coin master.

So here comes another post for Coin Master Hack for all such gamers who are eagerly waiting to get these free spins and start this appealing game again.

Ways to Get Free Coins in Coin Master Using Simple Coin Master Hack

Free Coins From Coin Master

While we are in search of coin master free coins, there is a gift from the game developers itself. Following Coin Master Cheats are available in the game to get additional coins:

  • When you start the game, you are given 75000 coins. It is an initial boost from the game developers to start the game smoothly. You can make your first purchase from this initial 75000 coins.
  • If you share your email id, you get Coin master free coins from the developers. However, the Coin Master hack is not to share your primary email id as you will be flooded with promotional mail. The way to collect this gift is to check your mailbox in the game. You will get the message there.

Know Your Slot Machine Accurately to Get the Coins

Before we delve into the coin heist and spin searches, it is equally important to know the functionality of the slot machine.  Here you will get three Coin Master Cheats of slot machine that is the way to your further levels.


The Shield protects the coins collected in your village from the enemy raids. There is a shield slot at the top right of the display, and that counts the number of shields you are having. One Shield can be used once against the enemy attack.

The shield slot has only three places, and it will accumulate that quantity of Shield only.

However, I found a Coin Master hack that is quite interesting. Even the village you are attacking is saved you still get 50000 coins from the raid.


Hammers are the gateway of attacking the friend’s villages. However, I could manage from the gameplay that hammers are frequently received from the slot machine and the loots are random.

Pig Faces

Pig faces are the ticket to dig into the friend’s village and get some additional coins. You will be given four spots of digging, and you can dig three out of them. Pig faces are not obtained frequently from the slot, but the rewards are highest in it.

Bet More to Get More Coins

As you pass level 2, you will get a chance to enhance your bet in the slot machine. You can increase your bet to double and triple, so you get the multiplied amount of coins from the win as well all the loots and raids of other player’s village.

Watch a Video to Get Coins

The most available Coin Master hack is to watch promotional commercials in between the game. Do not ignore such request from the developers as you can make a handful of coins watching these short videos or commercials.

Coin Master Cheats to Get Free Spins

Coin Master Free Spins Every Hour

Every hour you get five spins from the game. You might wonder only five will not be sufficient. But consider those hours when you are away from the game, the free spins counts in the game.

Other best Coin Master Cheats that attracted my attention is the free spins get collected and accumulates.

In most of the game, we have found that energy meters have a specific amount, and it accumulates up to that limit only. Although coin master has a limit of 50 spins beyond that, it gets stored separately.

Connect Facebook and Get Free Spins

Collect 50 coin master free spins by connecting your game with Facebook account. Apart from that, you get 1,000,000 coins also.

Ideally, the game is more fun if it is connected with Facebook. When you connect with your account, your friends who are active in the game gets connected, and in your raid, you go to their villages. This little fun of attack and revenge between real friends make the game more interesting to me.

Free Spins Through Invitation:

Coin master gives you 25 free spins for each invitation made through Facebook as your friend connects through the invitation.

However, there are Coin Master Cheats that make it more interesting. This game allows invitation through other modes like WhatsApp and all. Send the invitation through WhatsApp to your friends and get 25 free spins for each download of the game.

Complete the Level and Get Free Spins

Another excellent way to collect free spins in the game is by completing the village. As you complete each level and purchase all the items from the village shop, you go to the next level. Upgrading your level gives you 25 coin master free spins.

Daily Lucky Spin

I cannot ensure you that lucky spins are secure Coin Master hack for collecting the free spins, but you can try your luck every day to get those 25 free spins. But one thing I must include here even you do not get the spins you will receive one lucrative gift from the spins.

So be consistent to play every day and don’t miss these rewards.

Open Chests

In Coin Master, not only you build the villages, but you create a collection of cards. As you pass level two, you get chances to open the card slots and chests. Each cheat cost a specific amount of coins, and when you open the Chests, you get a set of cards.

Once you complete each set of card collection, you get free spins. Following are some breathing air for those who want to know how to get unlimited spins in coin master:

  • Complete the set of Nine Pets cards and collect 50 Spins
  • Complete the set of Nine Statues cards and receive 100 Spins
  • Complete the set of Nine Beasts cards and collect 150 Spins and tiger pet
  • Complete the set of Nine Items cards and collect 250 Spins
  • Complete the set of Nine Creatures cards and receive 400 Spins and rhino pet
  • Complete the set of Nine Sweets cards and collect 300 Spins

Social media Events

Social media events are an excellent way to obtain free spins coin master 2019. If you are already connected to the Facebook account in the game, you have to like the Facebook official page of coin master.

You will get daily notification about the events going on. I can assure you that these regular events are a significant opportunity to get free spins.

Do Coin Master Hack APK Exist?

We will explain now whether any Coin Master hack tool can be created that can give you unlimited coins and spins. To know the answer, you have to know the fundamental of the game design concept.

Majority of the games developed currently are server-based, and there is a micro-economy running through. This micro-economy that is controlled through these coins and other in-game currencies is a sophisticated algorithm that is managed by the developers and familiar to all the gamers. No gamers get any undue advantage from developers.

All these data are securely saved through multiple level protection in the game server. Unless anyone has access to these programs cannot alter a single data.

So how are these Coin Master hack apk work? No, they do not work at all; neither the coin master mod apk.  All these advertisements are made for the reason that you visit the site and download their files.

We warn you that it is against the terms of reference of the developers and might affect on your game account.

Do Coin Master Coin Generator Work?

No, they don’t. All the coin generator sites are completely counterfeit websites, and they aim nothing but your attention and visit to the site. The more you visit, they get more traffic. In return they give nothing.

More vulnerable thing happens when you start their coin generator they take time to fool you and keep you waiting for some time to increase the average visit duration time of traffic. All these are cheap SEO optimization tool for ranking in the search engines.

The third most hazardous thing that happens on these coin master coins generator is stealing information through the process of human verification method.

A Few More Coin Master Cheats From Experienced Gamers

  1. Do not forget your friends even though they raid your village. Sending gifts, coins and cards to your friends can earn you the same items in return. The process is not clumsy; you can collect or send all of these items in one tap.
  2. Do not keep incomplete village construction. It has been observed that chances of getting raided increases for incomplete villages.
  3. Same coin master tips go for those who collect Coin and do not spend. You might get raided more if your coin meter is high range.
  4. Feeding your pet keeps energized for four hours. In this period, all the raids you make allows you to explore all the four spots. You get additional coins from these raids with your pet.
  5. Using a small number of spins is not practical in comparison to continuous spins. Thus do not use up five free spins coin master 2019 every hour. Instead, save for at least five hours and use at one go. You will realise the difference in terms of rewards for using more number of spins.

Summary From all the discussion made above, one thing is clear; the best Coin Master hack to get more coins and spins is to have a large community of Facebook friends. You will get benefit from every aspect if you have more active coin master player as a friend.